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October 10, 2008



A-ha!? I'm having an Eighties flashback. Funny though. "This guy's gonna get an assfull of pipe wrench!"


Yes, modern pop songs rarely employ the pipe wrench motif. Which is a shame, really.


David, more on the Hamas-ICA event:

"The decision made by the Institute of Contemporary Arts… to hold a satellite discussion with a member of Hamas, the group that has been designated as terrorist by the United States, the European Union (and its members) as well as everyone who has ever had any dealings with it (and that includes members of the other Palestinian groups) is, nevertheless, problematic. For one thing, this does not even pretend to be any form of art. Well, all right, a political discussion may be of some importance even if it has no artistic significance, though, possibly not in an institution that uses taxpayers’ money to promote (allegedly) knowledge and understanding of the contemporary art scene.

So what we are left with is the ICA employing a soi-disant diplomat and negotiator, Alastair Crooke, in fact a man whom most of us would call the Islamists’ “useful idiot”, to break the laws of the land and have a discussion with a known terrorist, as one cannot be a high-ranking member of Hamas without being a terrorist. This could be of some value if instead of the discussion there would be a debate. If either serious opponents of victims of terrorism, specifically of Hamas terrorism, had been scheduled to take part; if any of the myriad writers who have analyzed Islam and Islamism were to be on the platform; if, indeed, a representative of Fatah, an organization that Mr Crooke cannot disdain completely, were allowed to take part in the interview, then there could be some value to this event."


But it's so edgy!


Thanks for that. Crooke’s involvement pretty much says it all, really. An EU “security advisor” whose favoured tactic is to blame Israel regardless of the particulars and who argues that we shouldn’t call terrorists “terrorists,” even when their ambitions are explicitly genocidal. So we have Crooke - a man with a history of shilling and dissembling for Hamas and Islamism in general - chatting with a member of the Hamas governing council. I’m sure we can all look forward to some tough questioning and factual accuracy.

And, naturally, this is being done on the taxpayers’ dime. Which is nice.


Why does AC1 get the credit for spores and opera? Did he send you the link too?



Yes. Did you send it too? Sorry, must’ve forgotten. Obviously I need a better filing system. Or a team of loyal minions.


Sent it on the 7th from my gmail account

I can live with my 99% failure rate at getting things included but ...


Hm. Nothing in my inbox. Nada. Whatever you’re sending isn’t getting to me. Hence, I suspect, the failure rate.


have you got a spam filter?

i'll send one to your email (david at dt-online dot co dot uk) now.


Received. I use fairly aggressive filtering to repel the endless invitations to take an interest in bestiality or enlarge something or other. I’m guessing your message was snagged in the process. It happens once in a while.


The a-ha video is hilarious.





Is this where TDK and AC1 have a duel or something? :)

Dutch Canuck

Airborne robotic mirror fleets, oh my! Operation Overlord could use a few of those, I bet.

Just don't give any to TDK or AC1. Especially not over my house. I just finished putting down winter mulch on the slope out back.


Thanks for the link on the 'Rules of refrigeration', came in very useful this morning - somebody altered the level on the fridge at work and the Milk is rock solid! (its ok, we can use it).

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