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October 24, 2008


carbon based lifeform

"The South African Broadcasting Corporation has apologised to Mr Nene, and said that 'all necessary precautions are being put in place to avoid a similar incident'..."


I admire the way Mr Nene retains his composure despite the ominous cracking noise – a noise which might have alarmed a lesser man - until the combination of gravity and feeble furniture finally overwhelms him.

carbon based lifeform

If he was "a lesser man" maybe it wouldn't have collapsed…


Love the short summary of socialism:

"So. You're eating a sandwich," Kenny said, sitting down in the chair across from mine. I barely looked up. "Yes, Kenny. I'm eating a sandwich. That I made this morning. And brought with me to work. For my lunch." Kenny smiled, grabbing one of my napkins. "Cool," he said. "I'll take my half now, then. I'm freakin' starving!"



Baltar's Beard

So does the Battlestar PC come with an FTL drive? And can it be networked - or is that a bad idea?

alan b

"Spool up the FTL! Set condition one throughout the ship!"


"Lower Manhattan." Heh.


Yes, I saw. And it, er, works on so many levels. A first for mainstream cinema?


It appears that super-heroes "feel" cold too!


Someone's bragging. ;)

Steve in San Diego

Bloodless freak Bill Ayers is ambush-interviewed by news crew, calls police.


Horace Dunn

Thanks Steve for that. It really cheered me up.

Usually I dislike this kind of agit-prop journalism. It doesn't achieve much. Let's be honest.

But in this case...

Did I hear correctly? Did he say something along the lines of "this is my property will you please leave?" But surely, Billy, according to your belief system, all property is theft. So what are you then? A thief or a hypocrite? Answer the question.

Oh sorry, I forgot. There's nothing to see here. Vote Obama. Yeah man.

Steve in San Diego

Yeah, in general I don't think too much of this sort of tactic. I could have done without the O'Reilly footage, too.

This case is special. A strangely-satisfying fog of irony, hypocrisy, and cowardice so thick you could pulp it wth a hammer, or cut it with a sickle.


Heh. I’m no fan of ambush interviews either, but in this case it’s revealing, almost poignant. It’s the mismatch between the humdrum (dare I say bourgeois) domestic scenario and the reminder of their revolutionary prattle. And, of course, who you gonna call? It’s absurd, just as Ayers and Dohrn are, and always will be.


David: thanks for the link to the LU map video, an excellent example of usability and design IMHO.


I see your fluorescent fish, and raise you a glow-in-the-dark kitty:


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