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November 20, 2008



Adolf Hitler said in "Mein Kampf" that his anti-semitism was purely racial, and not religious. He hated ethnic Jews who had converted to Christianity or become secular every bit as much as devout followers of Judaism. If anything, he hated non-religious Jews more, because he feared miscegenation between Jews and Aryans.

Islamic hatred is not specifically racial. So it's different from Nazism. Which doesn't make it good.

V.S. Naipaul sees Islam as Arabian cultural imperialism. For Muslims who are not Arabs, it teaches them to despise their indigenous pre-Islamic culture, and pretend the cultural achievements of Arabs are their own. Some or other think tank said recently, that if the rest of us are taught more about the achievements of the Abbasids, that will make third generation British Pakistani males feel more respected. Logically, it would make more sense to teach us about the Indus Valley civilization.


What’s remarkable is the enthusiasm for a version of history in which the uglier aspects of Islam are seen as the result of contamination by the West. Armstrong would have us believe that the long and unedifying history of Islamic Jew hatred began in the 20th century, rather than with Muhammad, whose annihilationist pieties are still with us today.


"What’s remarkable is the enthusiasm for a version of history in which the uglier aspects of Islam are seen as the result of contamination by the West."

That version of history usually continues with the "fact" that Europe has never been threatened, never mind invaded, by Islamic states.

It is a bizarro-world narrative, born of vapid emoting and a need for cosiness rather than any interest in actual history. It is colonialism with the value signs flipped.


Nice post.

I would like to add that the genocidally virulent wave of today's Muslim Jew-hatred stems from Muslim outrage that Jews, who are supposed to be subservient to Muslims, have successfully defeated Muslims in war--and, to make the insult even worse, are infinitely more accomplished in the arts and sciences. It is very much what the KKK feels when it sees African American who are not only successful doctors and lawyers but who no longer need to abase themselves in order to avoid lynching.


"My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth!"

"The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew." - Adolf Hitler from Mein Kampf

Please don't rewrite history.

No one uses the term "Christian hatred" in regards to the Bible being misused as a justification for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade of Africans, colonialism in the Congo, to enocide in Bosnia where Serbian priests blessed fighters before committing ethnic cleansing.

While Christians were persecuting Jews in Europe, Jews experienced their "Golden Age" under the governance of Muslims in Spain. Islamic civilization as been much kinder to the Jewish people than Christendom, but far from perfect.

Talking about re-writing history; my goodness!?!



I notice you don’t address any of the points in Andrew Bostom’s article. Perhaps you should read it, and the evidence he presents, before drawing false equivalences and sounding so exasperated. The article demonstrates why the term “Islamic anti-Semitism” is accurate given its theological basis, rooted in the words and deeds of Muhammad, and its subsequent propagation in overtly theological terms – terms which still persist throughout much of the Islamic world.


Remember Jefferson's copy of the Koran, that a US Rep. used during his swearing-in ceremony a few years back? That conversation with the Tripolitan ambassador probably explains why Jefferson got it. He probably got it a few days after that discussion, given that he was in London and there would have been good bookstores with Korans around. He'd want to see the source of all the aggression expressed by the ambassador for himself.

Mikey NTH

So Dawud, all of the anti-Semitism and desire to exterminate the Jews only comes from Europe and from US support for Israel?

Sounds to me that Muslims aren't adult enough to make decisions for themselves if that little bit caused them to abandon a rich history of live-and-let-live. That is what you are saying, correct?


How does this woman, pretend to be a scholar on Islam and forget Yathrib and Khaybar, the Jewish settlements in the Medina valley that were cleansed
by Mohammed.

Quentin George

Dawud, the "Golden Age" in Islamic Spain was certainly not typical of Islamic civilisation, and it would be helpful for Muslims to stop pretending that it was. It would be like a German trumpeting Frederick the Great's tolerance of Jews as evidence of a "deep and abiding interfaith tolerance".

Certainly, something that is often left out of the discussion is that the relative freedoms of Christians and Jews in Islamic Spain was almost identical to those of Muslims and Jews in Christian Outremer - not surprising, since both polities comprised a foreign minority ruling over majorities of a vastly different faith and culture. Nothing makes people willing to leave others alone than the fact that they outnumber you ten to one.

The fact that the modern government than medieval Islamic civilisation most resembles is apartheid South Africa is lost on many apologists.

Quentin George

Actually, now that I think about it, there's an even better example: The Norman Kingdom of Sicily, which was even more tolerant than Islamic Spain (Roger had Muslim advisors, didn't enforce a discriminatory tax, and allowed Muslims in his army).

Yet when condeming elements of Sicilian culture, no one brings up Norman Sicily and then claims all the negative elements of Sicily were somehow brought in only recently...


The "golden age" of Muslim rule in Spain was not nearly as "golden" as certain people would like to portray it.

carbon based lifeform

David, have you seen this?




Yes, thanks, I saw it earlier today. Robert makes a point of responding to his critics clearly, in detail and with evidence – a courtesy that’s rarely reciprocated. And the clip above does address one of the fundamental problems, perhaps the most dangerous one – i.e. the prevalence of unrealism, denial and wishful thinking. As demonstrated, I think, by one of the previous commenters.

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