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Friday Ephemera

Snowball gun. // Photographs of Antarctica. // How to Build an Igloo. (1951) // The Clangers build a pipe organ. // How to make wine in prison. “An odd burning sensation accompanies the first sip.” (h/t, Coudal) // Water pipes. // Monstrous yacht. // Self-assembling machines. // The geometry of beauty. // Ana Serrano’s cardboard sculptures, including Cartonlandia. // Watchmen montage. Rorschach, Moloch, Nixon! // Desirable goggles. // The American Widescreen Museum. // Low-cost video object manipulation. // Fun with “bullet-time”. // What’s a turbaconducken? (h/t, Daimnation!) // Head wipes. (h/t, PooterGeek) // A Photograph of Jesus. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Les 5 De l’Harmonica.



Who knew you could make wine from oranges, tinned fruit cocktail and ketchup?


Tinned fruit cocktail in heavy syrup.


You'd need a glass of the prison "wine" before starting on the turbaconducken.

James S

From the instructions:

"1. You will now have a large, ominous Ziploc bag of warm crap. 2. Take the pruno, tenderly, like a proud parent of a newborn and wrap it in a towel, so it can stay warm and speed along the fermentation process. 3. Stash "Baby Pruno" extremely well, so none of the authority figures in your life will start asking questions and have to be shanked later on. Once your bag of festering fruit is hidden, wait 48 hours while constantly paranoid someone will find your pruno and steal it. Accuse everyone. Refuse to sleep."


It gets better:

“There’s nothing quite like a hand-crafted vintage of pruno to get those embers of lust burning bright. Ask that little prison bitch you’ve had your eye on to split one of these with you and he’ll be tossing salads like the caterer at a weight-loss convention.”

Tasty and practical.


More pictures from Antarctica to be found here:

Mr Eugenides

The Antarctica pictures are unbelievably beautiful.

Thank God the ice is advancing thanks to cooler global temperatures... ;-)


"Tossing salads"?


Oh, don’t play the ingénue here, sister. The Urban Dictionary reveals all:



You'd need the pruno then. :)


Regarding the turbaconducken: dinner really ought not look like it was sculpted by H.R. Giger.


Don’t badmouth the turbaconducken. It’s the cutting edge of bacon-based edible art. Have a glass of pruno and it’ll look much better.

Brian H

The 'Photograph of Jesus' film is wonderful. "Have you got that picture of Neil Armstrong on the Moon with a crowd of people around him..?"

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