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January 18, 2009


virgil xenophon

As a denizen of New Orleans might I suggest a local little known brand (even to many New Orleanians) called "Try-Me" Brand--it is positively addicting--slightly sweet, not bitter.

virgil xenophon

For some reason the above link doesn't work, so just Google, which is how I arrived at the above address from Google.


The photo convinced me.


Thankfully, it doesn’t look like that when it comes out of the bag. I don’t have the palette to offer a more detailed analysis, but I found it agreeable and, dare I say it, rather chocolaty.


DId you drink it as an espresso, Americano, cafe au lait, or some bizarre Starbucks compilation (venti skinny mocacino thingamajig...)?


With a drop of milk. Pure heathenism, I know.


Have you hallucinated yet?

John D

Okay, I'm game. Where did you get it?



“Where did you get it?”

It was a gift. But you could try the following:




“Have you hallucinated yet?”

Not so far as I know. But then I only had the one cup.

John D



Civet cats were an infection vector for SARS. I'm just saying.

Steve Skubinna

I can't believe there's anybody left who has not read Dave Barry's piece from about ten years back on luwak coffee. Google it, it's all over the place.



“Civet cats were an infection vector for SARS. I’m just saying.”

I thought SARS was more of a bat thing.


I gather there are Chinese species of civet that have been associated with SARS, rightly or not, but the coffee production involves a different, wild species. So far as I’m aware no SARS case has ever involved the drinking of Kopi Luwak. I’m also assured that cleaning, roasting, grinding and brewing should eliminate any theoretical risk.

Steve Skubinna

You're right, David, there's no reason that drinking coffee brewed from Indonesian weasel poop should be a health risk.


I think if this were much more than a marketing gimmick, someone would be making the same beans in big reactors. But though people will pay £20 for 250g of beans extracted from civet droppings in Indonesia, they would probably not pay £10 for a kilo of beans processed by a chemical company in Manchester.


Enough with the gag novelty coffee for the scatalogically-obsessed coffee tourists already.




Thus giving a new slant to the old expression, "the cat's ass..."


I want to warn you that between 80 % and 90% of Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee), which is available at coffee stores and on the Internet is not 100% Kopi Luwak and it sometimes does not contain anything of the genuine coffee, especially when it is advertised with the following slogan: “This coffee is so good that even the Luwak would like to try it”.
Having said all this, I would recommend that you should investigate where the coffee comes from and who sells it. You should buy the coffee in small quantities and from serious sellers. After trying the different brands decide which one you prefer.
Like any other expensive product, Kopi Luwak is not free from fakeness and tricky mixtures, that is why buying Kopi Luwak is an act of trust to the producer.
If you want more info about Kopi Luwak or just want to try it, drop me a line to: info@realkopiluwak.com

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