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February 22, 2009


James S

It's about time you covered the subject of female urination devices. :)


Until Anna opened my eyes, I’d been shamefully unaware of their existence. Ladies’ toilet habits aren’t something I give much thought. Though I’m sure the subject is covered in fascinating detail at more, um, specialist websites.

Karen M

"It's a must for travel and sports."

Sports? Like tennis?

Peter Horne

you area very strange man.


"“GoGirl fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment...“"

Before use. After? Not so much....

carbon based lifeform

"One enthusiast gleefully reported that GoGirl stood up to her dishwasher."

Good to know.


Is it wrong to be turned on by that?



Dan Collins

I had no idea there were so many varieties of FUD, David.


It’s a world of wonder.


And they're ideal for space travel.


should connect a catheter to the end, and trail it down the leg, so "Ladies, you won't even have to break your stride!"

Rob De Witt

"Stand Up and Piss Like a Man!"

Actually, there was test marketing of this in San Francisco over 20 years ago.

Matt M

One was featured recently on BBC4's 'Screenwipe'. Modelled by the lovely Konnie Huq, of 'Blue Peter' fame.


I hesitate to ask...

Matt M

It's about three minutes into this:



“Strangely empowering.”

Gosh. TV soap operas had led me to believe that ladies’ toilets are a place for bitching, hair-brushing and the application of lippy. Will Corrie’s womenfolk now also be rinsing their appliances in a casual manner?


"they're ideal for space travel"

And boating.

Dan Collins

And just when the Germans were making progress on universal sitzpinkling.


I gather sitzpinkling is the preferred method on the International Space Station. With stirrups too, for obvious reasons.



Now you're just taking the piss.


"It's a must for travel and sports."
Sports? Like tennis?

sports like WaterSports.
(not that i know anything about that sort of thing)


They still can't write their name in the snow with it.

Advantage: us.

Alan Kellogg

Does it come with straps?

Steve in San Diego

Do they have one for men?

Wild Slutty Womens

Youngsters today don't know they're born. When I was at boarding school, we learned to pee in sinks.

(Not that it was on the curriculum or anything, just one of those things you learn, like how to put your hair up without hairgrips.)

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