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February 17, 2009



Similar territory on Harry's Place:

'On Responsible and Irresponsible Criticism Of The Quran'



Thanks. I suppose the issue is whether some will take it upon themselves to dictate with force of law (or just force) what constitutes “responsible” criticism. As the Ophelia quote above suggests, there are plenty of people who imagine “responsible” means “not too realistic and upsetting” or something very similar. And there are some who would wish to use legal sanction against Mr Standing’s own statement that, “the author or authors of these passages would no doubt be considered mentally ill or psychologically unbalanced were this ‘holy’ book to be written today.”


A robbing, raping, murderous, slave-owning paedophile led the perfect life.

Who knew?


Hate speech! Hate speech!!!


“Hate speech!”

Well, quite. But this illustrates the unique dysfunction of Islam. If you take a remotely realistic look at Islam’s founder as presented in the Qur’an and Sunnah, you soon arrive at a fairly repellent character. To say the obvious - that Muhammad seems ludicrous as the basis of a major religion – is to invite accusations of malice and distortion. But the distortion is among those who maintain that Muhammad was an exemplary chap and is not to be “defamed” by vindictive heathens.


One characteristic of the perpetually self-absorbed is the hypersensitivity to disagreement. For example, counter a climate change proponent with the quite rational observation that the climate is in constant flux anyway, and watch hilarity ensue.

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