Assume the Position

Friday Ephemera

Paper tank. // Airplane graveyard. // “My Death Star will cost how much?” // There’s a cow in my car. (h/t, I B Friesian) // Humans are among us! // Vintage space age illustrations. (h/t, Things) // 101 infrared photographs. // Shoe Snot and Metrobot. // Barbie and her hair. // Prince Charles is a fatuous prick. // When handicrafts go wrong. (h/t, Chastity Darling) // Every single curse word from The Sopranos. // Nano-landscapes. // Gentle monsters. // Because beauty comes in all head sizes. // Drum machine. // When flowers glow. // Bushfires. // Pac-Man oven gloves. (h/t, Coudal) // And, via The Thin Man, it’s BB Davis & the Red Orchidstra.