Behold My Virtue (3)

Friday Ephemera

Scenes from the subway. Guns, gasmasks, missing trousers. // Assorted urban camouflage. // Owlship to the rescue. // Impressive cockpits. (h/t, Coudal) // Pneumatic message networks. // Discontinued sodas. // Things made of soap. // Carry your phone in a case made of pseudo-bacon. (h/t, Anna) // Man bags of note. // Moon halo. // Blast. // Dinosaurs and robots. // Pride and Predator. // The underwater photographs of Zena Holloway. // Cake malfunctions. // More chocolate skulls. // The kitchen of tomorrow. (1943) // Bible diagrams. // Ornamental mines. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Mr Bernard Herrmann.



Pride and Predator- "The new film... will have the seven-foot extraterrestrial give the characters from Pride and Prejudice something more immediate to worry about than making advantageous marriages"

Can't be any worse than Alien Versus Predator: Requiem.


The soap chair is great but it's a shame about the bullshit: "The daily intimacy involved in wearing away the imperfections of this chair's construction suggests an anthropological relationship to this otherwise everyday object." Get over yourself, love. It's a chair made of soap.

And the owlship rocks.


“Get over yourself, love. It’s a chair made of soap.”

Heh. I lean towards the idea that artists should be discouraged from talking about their work, or in some cases speaking at all. “Look, sunshine, your job is to make beautiful things, not to make yourself sound important.”

carbon based lifeform

Thanks for the Bernard Herrmann track. Thought we needed pictures too:

John D

More new Watchmen clips-


Re the subway photos I don't know which is scarier.
Or this:


"Old lady with gun" is pretty scary, but there's also "woman with nasty tights."


And impromptu nudity can be quite disturbing, depending on where you’re sitting.


Vital Research!!


Hm. Maybe I can finally get funding for my “filling-kittens-with-helium” research.


Really looking forward to Watchmen - got my ticket for IMAX waterloo yesterday!

Peter Horne

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