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That's happened to me twice. Bastards.


They’re not the loveliest of birds, but quite clever and daunting up close. During one visit to the coast, a huge gull landed on the bonnet of the car and stomped about boldly, eyeing the puny humans inside - and the tube of Pringles we were passing around, at this point rather timidly.


"They’re not the loveliest of birds..."

Au contraire, they are very beautiful. But not their habits. They are known coprophages. No need to pick up after Fido if you walk on a beach with seagulls in abundance...


A good reason not to finish your ice-cream after the gulls have had a taste.

John D

Brilliant. But I can't see Hitchcock...


It does look like Tippi Hedren’s nightmare holiday.

Steve in San Diego


On behalf of the American People, I apologize.


"...Mrs Obama’s gesture could not have been more solipsistic or more inherently dismissive of Mrs Brown. "

I'm suddenly feeling strange emotions towards Barak and Michelle Obama...

Almost like..admiration!

Steve in San Diego

Issue is respect for the office, not respect for the man.


The armada sails at noon.

Steve in San Diego

Come on over, maybe 1776 was a big mistake.


Air, sea and land: once, pausing during a sailing trip, I stood on a wharf watching a child pull a sunfish out of the water. A gull swooped down and swallowed fish, hook and line. The dog I had on a leash immediately went for the gull.

Holding the dog at bay with one hand, I pulled the fish out of the gull's throat with the other, and it flew away. I suggested to the child that he not dangle fish in the air, and I think I was listened to!


I spoke to an Australian lady recently who'd been to the seaside here and wasn't prepared for being mugged for chips by an aerial assailant who resembles Oz's more genteel seafaring birds in much the same way that a kangaroo resembles a rabbit.

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