My Face is Raving (2)
Postmodernism Unpeeled

Friday Ephemera

Return of the Post-It notes. // Tactile illusions. // Magnetic cows. // The healing power of spider bites. // How South Park is made. // Battlefield lasers. // Radioactive scrap yard. (h/t, Mick) // Stockholm public library. (h/t, Growabrain) // The EU language police. // Evan Sayet generalises wildly, but he’s not without a point. // What are your political coordinates? (h/t, HP) // Victimology and pies. // Early medical paraphernalia. // “The finger is not permanently attached to his hand, so it can be easily left plugged into a computer.” (h/t, EQ-aliser) // The hammock you’ve always wanted. // Pizza vending machines. // The polygraph museum. (h/t, Things) // Browser ball. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Luthor’s Luau.