Friday Ephemera


John D

They're very good -and not much 'art bollocks' either. It can be done!


There's also the thread spool lady:

Unfortunately, the gimmick aspect of these things tends to overwhelm the art aspect. They are cool to look at, though.



Yes, I agree. It’s more that the process is interesting, i.e. as a method of reproduction, rather than the creation of original work. It’s fun, but that’s pretty much it. It doesn’t seem to warrant the claims to “visual poetry” and “many layers of meaning,” etc.


"Some m%$#^f%$#as always tryin' to ice skate uphill."
- Wesley "Blade" Snipes, esq.

Dutch Canuck

John D,

My thoughts exactly as I read the copy! And I was expecting bollocks too, and thinking, "What happened? No 'autocthonic patterns'? No 're-theorizing the tyrannic hegemony of colour'? Nothing to mock? Whatever will I do?"

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