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March 17, 2009



"Women at every stage of life are finding ways to emulate Michelle, wanting to bond with her physically, whether through exercise or the display of flesh."

Ooh, steamy. This bint needs a cold shower.


There is, I think, the air of an impending dorm room pillow fight.


I am SO turned on right now.


For the Popeye error alone she should be dismissed out of hand. Or sent one of the recent gorgeous volumes of the original Segar strips: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Popeye-I-Yam-What-v/dp/1560977795/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1237285879&sr=8-7

wayne fontes

I'm happy the focus of the press's obsession has moved on from Obama's rather disconcerting man-boobs. I guess we can all be grateful that Selma Hayek isn't the first lady because God knows the feminists would be in high hysterics on the unavoidable attention certain aspects of her anatomy would receive.

If you click on the link below I assure you the eyes aren't drawn to miss Hayek's biceps.


John D

That Popeye cartoon is hysterical. :)


First collar bone was the new cleavage, now its biceps? I'm so out of touch.


It's triceps apparently.

"the state of your triceps is what really determines whether you should go sleeveless in the first place. Michelle's are unimpeachable."


I have no expertise in the subject whatsoever, but, as Wayne points out above, I’m fairly sure the new cleavage is pretty much the same as the old cleavage. Guardian columns notwithstanding.


"Are biceps the new breasts?"

Babies say no.

carbon based lifeform

Husbands say no.


Thank you, Wayne. Nice, er biceps.


I bet she could field-strip a moose with those arms.

Jason Bontrager

Well I, for one, find this objectification of a Powerful Black Woman to be *utterly* degrading and sexist!

This woman should be sent to the nearest Sensitivity Training Re-Education Facility before she objectifies again!

Tracy Quan

Hello, silly billies. When Popeye *consumes spinach*, his biceps inflate!! It's a temporary phenomenon, though. Hence my ref to the economy.



*That's* the bit you want to defend? Really? Heh.


But… but… comparing Popeye’s weedy biceps with the U.S. economy is both subtle and profound, surely? Much as the “unimpeachable” upper arms of Michelle Obama – with whom “women at every stage of life” wish to “bond physically” - are clearly a “political myth,” a symbol of national strength and perhaps even “the new breasts.”


carbon based lifeform

No. :)


With those biceps it's obvious that she's the one who wears the pants.


Do you suppose our MSM could take their focus off MO's biceps for a while and, oh, I don't know -- maybe try to check out WHO was responsible for the $550 billion run on the banks back in Sept '08 which led to Bush's multi-billion-dollar bailout?

Or maybe try to find who remembers Barry from any one of the colleges he attended (all transcripts have been withheld; doesn't anybody wonder why?)

Speaking of incurious, Obama got elected in Illinois when his opponents had their messy divorces revealed. How do you suppose that happened?

Doesn't our press do ANYTHING related to NEWS?

Rich Rostrom

Inasmuch as several people specifically attacked the Popeye reference, I think Ms. Quan is entitled to defend it - especially as I can remember MANY bicep-inflation moments in Popeye cartoons.

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