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April 01, 2009



"Mining Rupture: Lynching Imagery in Interracial Pornography"

"Lynching provides some of the strongest images of who "we" are as Americans."

"Black male performers are charged with executing their crimes in the present. In this way, lynching is very much in and out of time."

Oh for fuck's sake...


Well, you can see why some panellists might not wish to be recorded. It’s quite funny how Carter, Lubiano et al will so often claim to “argue” such-and-such is the case, when in fact they merely *assert* it, as if it were self-evident and unassailable. Actual evidence and sound argument is surprisingly hard to find. But there are plenty of bold claims and lots of ostentatious language, and apparently that’s enough. And I suspect that tells us something about the academic environment they inhabit.

James S

What, no April fool?

Oh wait a minute...


Academia is a flowing river of liberal tripe. One has to go with the current to keep from gagging on noxious ideas.

We are however seeing an interesting split between universities that offer a liberal arts education and those that position themselves as business schools. Business schools now have to provide separate courses in economics and sociology so that students can unlearn whatever they've picked up from leftist faculty who never held a real job.


> Lubiano still hasn't managed to complete either 'Like Being Mugged by a Metaphor' or 'Messing with the Machine', both of which have now been listed as "forthcoming" books… for at least twelve years. But, according to her Duke website, Lubiano has produced a new scholarly publication: 'Black Studies, Multiculturalism, and Airport Bookshops: An Interview with Wahneema Lubiano.' This piece of "scholarship" …totals all of three pages. <

Nice work if you can get it. She must be busy telling students that capitalism is evil and rationality is oppressive.


It’s hard to miss the extraordinary vanity and self-involvement - and the assumption that the classroom should serve as her own personal platform for lecturing students on the evils of capitalism and coherent thought. (“Whether I’m thinking, teaching, or engaging in politics… I think that it is part of my *privilege,* my work, and my pleasure to insist that those three activities are not clearly demarcated.”) I mean, that isn’t just everyday vanity; it’s closer to megalomania. And again, one has to wonder how it is that Lubiano got hired, then given tenure, along with many of her equally dubious peers.


There is a certain type of politically correct person who feels that they gain enlightenment by constantly having their head up their ass. This has the advantage of always seeing where one has been and never wondering where one is going

Chris S

The best part is that you can't fire them out of acadamia for being crazy or getting crazier. Mainly because that was the reason you hired them in the first place.


The crazier they are, the more they dig in.

Man Born Man

"that isn't just everyday vanity; it's closer to megalomania."

"Wahneema Lubiano argues that dominant US political and cultural narratives create the experience of being "mugged by a metaphor," that is being "at the mercy of racist, sexist, heterosexist, and global capitalist constructions of the meaning of skin color on a daily basis." Because these meaning constructions are not usually explicit, but "mystified," Lubiano is "physically traumatized and psychologically assaulted by [their] operation"



The line between theatrical victimhood and megalomania – or at least unhinged self-absorption - isn’t always clear. And it’s worth bearing in mind that this particular “victim of society” is a tenured professor at an elite university.

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