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Friday Ephemera

ThruYOU brings the funk. (h/t, Dr Westerhaus) // Animani. // Because you demanded it, art made from toenails. // See where people are buying shoes. // Vintage Stalin bulbs. // Those crazy Soviets. // An impressive use of toilet roll tubes. // Chocolate and bacon, together at last. // A boneyard of neon signs. (h/t, Coudal) // Vintage analogue lie detectors. // Cartwheel galaxy. // Attack of the giant space hand. // Death rays and discombobulators. // Arresting pylons. // Vintage computer interface, 1981. // A history of the computer mouse. // Erasable paper. // The Banksy backlash. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s the return of Mr John Barry.


John D

"This sunflower has many toenail details, including the Ladybug, grass, eyes, smile, flower petals, and leaves. Leo saved those big old toenails all year to make this one!"

But it was the crab made from toenails that made my morning complete. Thanks David.

carbon based lifeform

Did everyone in the USSR get their own personalized light bulbs? Or was Uncle Joe a bit more equal than everyone else?


The mother of all funk chords is brilliant. Not so keen on the toenails though. :)

James S

Someone's buying a pair of boots in Fresno. And a hat in Massachusetts!
I could get hooked on this.


Yes, it’s oddly compelling. But maybe you should bear in mind what happened with Tetris HD. How long were you playing it, three hours…?

James S

Two hours twenty. But I let it run all afternoon.


This page is only 4 links away from a tutorial in conjoined twin mouse taxidermy. The toenails are pretty mild in comparison.


Love the funk jam.

Wm T Sherman

Ray guns.

Click on image for larger view.

Brian H

Re the arty pylons: how would engineers climb up to do maintenance?


“How would engineers climb up to do maintenance?”

I’m not sure the designer gave much thought to that.


The ThruYou jam is great. There's an interview in Wired:

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