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April 17, 2009



The tea bag lights are cool. Shame you can't drink the "tea" though.


Is the owl real? I want one.

Brian H

David, thought you'd appreciate the Frank and Bing video with its awesome bookcase.



Anna, I think it is.

Brian, thanks, I do.

Sk60, it’s probably best not to drink anything quite so luminescent.


Once the metal has been heated, it is the oxygen that sustains the cutting process, not the heat provided by the bacon.

carbon based lifeform

The best Enterprise makeover is the one that looks like a cake. Or the one with wheels.


Yes, the skateboard wheels are fetching, as is the suede trim. The one with go-faster flame decals isn’t too shabby either.

Wm T Sherman

OT. Mr. Thompson, ever heard of this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKCozjPVWdk

One James Wolcott, buttery writer with column at Vanity Fair.


Wm T Sherman,

I haven’t been following the “tea party” story very closely and I don’t read Vanity Fair, so I hadn’t heard of Wolcott. Should I have?

squid vicious

Wolcott is sort of a grade-A blowhard, but one of his favorite tactics is to wield a particularly shoddy form of political correctness in service of whatever clumsy attack he is attempting. With regard to the tea parties, Wolcott has been on-par with his colleagues on the left, calling everyone involved a racist and a puppet of Fox news. I guess those attacks have worked in the past, so might as well repeat them ad nauseum.

The other highlight of commentary from the liberal media has been to repeatedly refer to the protesters as "teabaggers." It seems that nothing is quite so humorous and sly in their collective opinion than the opportunity to call someone gay in a public forum (Andrew Sullivan and Anderson Cooper included among the instigators of this one, believe it or not).

For the best thing I've seen on the tea party protests, if you're interested, see this by Ross Douthat: http://rossdouthat.theatlantic.com/archives/2009/04/the_tea_parties.php. The graph has to be seen to be believed, and note the sourcing - it's from the white house itself.

Wm T Sherman

Not really. He's just an archetype of 'hack.' Note the echo chamber reasoning he uses to dismiss the tea party phenomenon, and his obstinate complacency when contradicted by facts. I have been reading about the Labour smear campaign scandal. Given that part of the scandal is the cynical cooperation of the press over the years, he came to mind.

The tea parties are a true grass roots phenomnenon. The left denounces them as Republican 'astroturf.' Nobody is sponsoring them. Footage of a Republican congressman who voted for the bailout being booed off the stage at a tea party: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QsY2r7HbTM

Anyway, this may be of generic interest, or not. I say no more.

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