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Not a Person, But a Group

I met with the Vice President for Student Affairs and I asked about a transfer from Multicultural Affairs to another department, almost any other department so long as my every duty and every interaction with students didn’t have to be centred on race. It was risky but I told her I had nothing to give to the job, and that I was tired of seeing students being labelled before we even talked to them.

Very casually, the vice president said that a transfer would be difficult because my departure would leave two same gendered people of the same race in that office, and there would be some difficulty “finding another black woman to replace you.”

When “diversity” is the only job in town


James S

"There I was, just one person sitting there, but she was seeing a group. I don't understand how Virginia Tech or any other institution fails to see the anger, resentment and the racial hostility promoted by diversity mandates, or the harm they do to individuals who reject the notion that skin color defines who they are."

If I wanted to find in-your-face racism the first place I'd look is the nearest university.


You feel for the woman. She's been told she probably got the job because she was the right colour. Plus an admission that her boss will lie about it in public.


It does rather capture the through-the-looking-glass quality. I’d imagine it’s a bit like being told you were hired because you look good in the brochure, or because you match the furnishings.


Ah Mr Smith. Come in. Good to see you.

I'll get straight to the point. As you know Ms Matthews is leaving soon which unfortunately means that our diversity quotas will fail to meet the minimum standard. Now as I see it we have two choices. We can pay for you to have a sex change operation and meet our transgendered target or we permanently disable you. What balls are you prepared to donate to the cause: gonads or eyeballs?


I think no-one puts it better than blogger Leg-Iron:


"Employ people, don't collect them." Wise words indeed...

Sir Henry Morgan

" ... mandatory that faculty members report their contributions to diversity. "

Hmmm ... I made an Asian woman pregnant once (I was married to her).

Do we suppose that would be good enough?

And do they really expect sensible answers to stupid questions?


You know, there have been lots of complaints about the pay gap between women and blacks, and white men, and this gap has often been attributed to racial and gender discrimination, at least by the left. Here we have a situation where a black women is holding down a valuable position, contributing "somthing" important to the mission of the organization, and she doesn't want to continue to do the work. Now is the time for her to suck it up and demand more money for doing the work that she doesn't want to do, just like all the white men throughout history who who have been doing the nasty jobs that no one else wants to do.

The men are compensated better for spending long hours in deadly meetings, arguing about budgeting crap and the like, or working in nasty engineering or manufacturing jobs, and then they have to take additional grief from women who complain that they were not paid the same, because the women decided to major in "womyn's studies" or something similar. Here this woman has the opportunity to show that she can work under the same unsatisfying conditions, and she bails out.

This article should be held up as a poster-child for gender/racial inequality.

Karen M

Good news: someone on the inside gets it and speaks out:

"I'm also… tired of directors encouraging grad students to send me emails asking me to recommend "a few students, preferably of colour, to give campus tours" as though white students don't know the campus; tired of pretending there's nothing wrong with programming that excludes whites, while at the same time putting "all students are welcome" on the flyer; tired of the division and enclaves that everyone says don't exist…"

Bad news: she doesn't think it will change:

"I have a feeling that if this is made public, [I] will have to endure name calling, arm chair psychological assessments about how she hates herself, etc."

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