Things Past

Friday Ephemera

Sand sculpture festival, 2009. // Explore Rio. // If your lifespan was a movie, whereabouts would you be? // Star Trek film quite good, fans upset. // Baffled by Shatner. // Shatnerquake. // Carbon atoms in motion. // Communists in the rain. // Ronald Reagan gives good speech, 1964. (h/t, The Thin Man) // Andy Warhol paints Debbie Harry using an Amiga, 1985. // Quimby the Mouse. // Comic book hair. // Edible alphabet. // Le Mans, 1953. // Storage tanks of note. // The wind-up vibrator. // 20,000 images of polar exploration. // What’s in the Box? A student film. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Mr Tony Hatch