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May 15, 2009



I've got to have a water-powered jet pack. I want to try it in my local pool.


“I want to try it in my local pool.”

There may be some intermittent thrust issues, especially when water wings, inflatables, small children, etc, get sucked into the mechanism. And those who survive the carnage will be nagging for a turn themselves.

carbon based lifeform

The airplane hotel suite is great but it's funny the website is giving it some eco-spin:

"Five big trucks were needed to get the plane out to the resort, and while the transportation certainly had a negative ecological impact, the finished project is a stunning example of adaptive reuse."

Brian H

Count Basie meets Bond… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqSoQBllVUc

James S

Thanks for the history of political correctness. I hadn't seen that before.



I can’t say I share William Lind’s general worldview, aired elsewhere (especially his mutterings of impending doom and quaint ideas of gender roles, etc), but the lineage of cultural Marxism is interesting nonetheless. And it’s easy to forget that broad political trends can arise from small groups of academic “theorists”. Or incorrigible fantasists with authoritarian leanings.

And history aside, it’s quite funny watching someone who does the “I’m-holding-my-pipe-as-I-speak” thing with total seriousness.

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