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Between 1988 and 1991, Daniel Laine visited the African continent, photographing its various tribal monarchs and assorted royalty.

Oba_Joseph_Adekola_Ogunoye_Nigeria Isienwenro_James_Iyoha_Inneh_Nigeria El-Hadji_Mamadou_Kabir_Usman_Katsina Salomon_Igbinoghodua_Nigeria 

Left to right: Oba Joseph Adekola Ogunoye, Olowo of Owo, Nigeria. Isienwenro James Iyoha Inneh, Ekegbian of Benin, Nigeria. El Hadji Mamadou Kabir Usman, Emir of Katsina, Nigeria. Salomon Igbinoghodua, Oba Erediauwa of Benin, Nigeria.

From the book African Kings: Portraits of a Disappearing Era. Via Coudal.  



Wow. King #1 is really going for it. Looks like king #3's got a few height issues though.


Check out the 70s porn vibe:

Mary Jackson

How unlike the home life of our own dear Queen.

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