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June 21, 2009



That whole "perfection of humanity" thing never seems to work out...



With Lenin’s “new type of human being,” Uncle Joe’s “new invincible human being” and all that “engineering of human souls,” you’d think the lesson would, eventually, sink in.



"The UK has told an Iranian diplomat that Ayatollah Khamenei's description of the British government as "evil" is unacceptable. UK officials had summoned Iran's ambassador, Rasul Movaheddian, to the Foreign Office to lodge a protest. But they were told he was unavailable and Iran sent its charge d'affairs, a more junior official, in his place. The row was sparked by Ayatollah Khamenei saying the UK was the "most evil" of Western governments... The US became the main Iranian target after the fall of the Shah but Britain appears to have been singled out now largely because of the recently launched TV channel BBC Persian, which the British Foreign Office has helped to fund. When the British ambassador in Tehran was called in earlier in the week, the main Iranian complaint was about BBC coverage...."



Ah what you have to remember is that the Iranian regime does take acount of the exalted values,and of the people- it only suppresses the unexalted values and those people who hold them. Looks like a large mass of Iranians are very unexalted indeed- what a good job the supreme leader is around to tell which is which, and that the IRG are there to persuade people of the error of their ways.

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