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Heaven and Hell (in a Lift)

Marco Brambilla’s Civilization is a video mural created for the lifts of New York’s Standard Hotel. Assembled from hundreds of loops of found and original footage, the mural depicts an ascent from hell, via purgatory, to heaven (and a less heartening journey for those going down to the lobby). Think Dante’s Divine Comedy, or Hieronymus Bosch with cameos by Princess Leia, General Zod and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. 

High definition here. Via Coudal


John D

The high definition version is amazing. Did I spy Michael Jackson? :)


I can't see the video.


For some reason the YouTube embed has suddenly stopped displaying in Internet Explorer. But it works fine in Safari. And if you follow the link to the clip at YouTube it plays in either browser. So I’m a little puzzled.

For best results, watch the high definition version, linked above, at Motionographer.


Thanks. Wow.


Drop your acid now.


Update: Swapped the YouTube embed for Vimeo, which seems to work fine in IE and Safari. If anyone has problems viewing it, let me know.


Incredible. It's like a moving painting. I see flying monkeys!

James S

I spotted Sin City, Logan's Run, 2001, Return of the Jedi, Lord of the Rings and Flash Gordon. How did he get clearance for using all the film clips? It's brilliant BTW.


I saw the dancing oracle whatsits from 300.


And who knew God was so buff?


“How did he get clearance for using all the film clips?”

I couldn’t find any mention of how so many films were cleared. Given the sheer number involved, I’m guessing it’s one of those “grey areas” of which we do not speak.


Would Fair Use cover something like that?

carbon based lifeform

I can't find General Zod...


“I can’t find General Zod...”

Zod, Non and Ursa are in the Phantom Zone – which is in purgatory, naturally. There are several of them, twinkling, around 1:15.

carbon based lifeform

Found. Thanks. I'm spending way too much time watching this.



You'll probably find this interesting/amusing.




Where is the Return of the Jedi reference at?...I keep missing it.

James S

Isn't that the Death Star (mk 2) near the beginning centre left?

Brian H



Ooh, the seven layers of hell. Ah, earth. Hmmm, is that Atlas doing macho stuff over there? Yay, heaven!

... actually, this is getting a bit boring. Does this lift have a channel changer? What's on the Discovery Channel?


Very cool video


Anyone else notice the buses escaping from the mall in Zack Synder's Dawn of the Dead remake?

And I'm sure Michael Jackson is in heaven.

boom lift

Wow, It's stunning, great video!

Luigi Hanway

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