Reheated (5)



No, no, must get closer. It couldn't possibly erup......


Wow. It looks unreal. I like this one.


That makes fantastic Windows wallpaper....

Brian H


James S

It almost looks like a stage set or a diorama.


One half expects to see Sam and Frodo wandering by on their way to drop the One Ring in that thing.

David Gillies

Does anyone remember that dreadful old potboiler Krakatoa: East of Java, with Maximilian Schell? Fun fact - Krakatoa is west of Java.


I celebrated my tenth birthday in a hut on the shore of Java, with Krakatoa rumbling in the background. I didn't take my quinine because it tasted like a chemical toilet and got malaria, apparently the 'bad kind', but I don't know what strain specifically, in the end, I wasn't that sick.

Holy shit, that was 28 years ago

nearly THIRTY YEARS ago I was a child in that place and time, so weird. My life is flying by

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