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July 03, 2009


James S

"Worms, apparently."

Imagine finding that thing. It looks like a big alien tumour. Can I run down the street screaming now?


Aw. Those cat ladies rock.


The bacon art is brilliant. I love the bacon trees.


They took my mind off the sewer blob.


When does a 'cat lady' graduate to an 'animal hoarder', I wonder?


Roughly the same time that neighbours warn their children to keep well away.


"I can't end up having 30 cats… then I'd give it up."

I think she's kidding herself.


One or two tuning problems on the edit solo... Funny though.


There does seem to be the odd… harmonic discrepancy. It helps if you focus on the demented body language.


That pulsating worm ball is almost as disturbing to look at as the pygmy jerboa video from a few weeks ago...


Yet strangely compelling.


Donate to whom?


The proprietor of this disreputable establishment. It helps keep the ashtrays emptied and the liquor cabinet full.


Tsk tsk, smoke and liquors are bad for your health.

Are you a poor old man in need?

carbon based lifeform

The sewer blob is amazing. I found this:

"Ed Buchan… confirmed that the 'creature' was actually a colony of worms. The colonies attach themselves to roots that gradually work themselves into weak points in the pipes. 'They seem to respond to the light from the camera,' he said. 'That light is pretty hot.' He said the phenomena had been seen before, but it was very rare. While Mr Buchan could not say what species of worms they are, other experts claim they are clumps of annelid worms, which normally live in soil and sediment at the bottom and edges of polluted streams. The video shows that the worms have entered a pipeline somewhere and in the absence of soil they are coiling around each other."


deathrow tull

Mmm. Bacon...


Good stuff on the black hole vs. Planet link. I just saw Star Trek and I thought it sucked. The action was too frenetic, the shots were all to tight to see anything, and the plot was mostly idiotic. It had glimmers, such as the excellent young and child Spock and the hint of Chris Pike. Yet it was nothing more than a typical Trek franchise vehicle with a preposterous and non-scary baddie threatening earth. Bor-ing.

The last time Trek movies had a credible villian was Khan, and his threat was more that he had the USS Reliant and a superior intellect (or not) to go about causing mischeif rather than his 1-shot Genesis Device.

In short, Star Trek is the best summer movie so far, and that's saying nothing.

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