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July 07, 2009



good lord...can you imagine the stench??

carbon based lifeform

It was a test run by Adrian Veidt.

Dr. Westerhaus

Those guys in the still image look happy enough - it looks a bit like a caving trip I went on recently...:)

carbon based lifeform

But with more intestines and exploded whale stink.

James S

Volatile gas build up, exploding whale, a professor called Wang… This film's got everything the internet needs.

Dutch Canuck

You must have seen this:


The deadpan '70s reporter's voiceover makes it much funnier somehow, even as cars are demolished by a rain of whale blubber.

John D

Did the guy's car insurance cover whale meat falling from the sky?


Oh my word. You just don't see that kind of thing very often.


I thought of the same incident as Dutch Canuck. Truly disgusting example of people unaware that what goes up must come down.


They did seem awfully convinced that the 8 ton whale would somehow be reduced to a fine meaty dust. Which would then presumably just… blow away.

Alas, t’was not so.

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