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The Whale That Exploded

No, seriously. See for yourselves. 

I quote:

In January 2004, the carcass of a 50-ton sperm whale explodes in a Taiwanese city centre. [National Geographic Channel] examines the physics and the biology of this 100,000-pound animal whose body was destroyed by its own internal forces. On the way to Tainan University for research, the whale exploded due to volatile gas build up in the abdomen.

At this point, further comment seems unwise. It would only lead to jokes involving the ending of Watchmen and “volatile gas build-ups.”



good lord...can you imagine the stench??

carbon based lifeform

It was a test run by Adrian Veidt.

Dr. Westerhaus

Those guys in the still image look happy enough - it looks a bit like a caving trip I went on recently...:)

carbon based lifeform

But with more intestines and exploded whale stink.

James S

Volatile gas build up, exploding whale, a professor called Wang… This film's got everything the internet needs.

Dutch Canuck

You must have seen this:

The deadpan '70s reporter's voiceover makes it much funnier somehow, even as cars are demolished by a rain of whale blubber.

John D

Did the guy's car insurance cover whale meat falling from the sky?


Oh my word. You just don't see that kind of thing very often.


I thought of the same incident as Dutch Canuck. Truly disgusting example of people unaware that what goes up must come down.


They did seem awfully convinced that the 8 ton whale would somehow be reduced to a fine meaty dust. Which would then presumably just… blow away.

Alas, t’was not so.

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