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July 18, 2009


John D

"with just a hint of potential serial killer"

That's one worrying 10 year old. When he hits 30 he'll be stalking Lucy.


And Charlie’s the son of a barber. Somehow, access to sharp blades doesn’t bode well.

James S

You just knew he'd finally crack, eat Snoopy and burn down the school.

wayne fontes

He looks a bit like Alfred E Neuman in that painting.


Jesus, that's creepy.

Wm T Sherman

It can't be unseen.


If anyone’s interested, I wrote something on Peanuts ages ago for Bookmunch:

“Charlie Brown’s search for tenderness is invariably met with disappointment and scorn. Indeed, the character is overwhelmingly defined by the things he cannot do - among them, winning a baseball game, kicking a football and flying a kite. In 1958, Charlie Brown did, finally, get his kite to fly, only to watch it spontaneously combust due to the event’s sheer improbability.”


James S

That's a really nice article. I like this bit:

"It was to run without interruption for the next fifty years, becoming the most successful comic strip of all time, appearing in 2,600 newspapers in 20 languages across 70 countries. In 1969, income from Peanuts and its countless spin-off licenses was estimated at $50,000,000 a year. Books reprinting the strip were handled by no fewer than seven different publishers, with 200 million paperback collections thought to be in print… It's somehow pleasing to discover that one of the greatest cartoonists of the twentieth century studied art via a correspondence course run by Art Instruction Inc of Minneapolis, Minnesota."


I like this guy's monsters.


"You just knew he'd finally crack, eat Snoopy and burn down the school."

LOL. It's a great painting. If Charlie Brown was real that's how I'd imagine him.


In the comic strip Charlie Brown is implausibly devoid of guile. That’s what prevents a Columbine situation. But children grow up and most of them *learn* guile fairly quickly. I tend to think Charlie’s teenage years would be the flashpoint of some horrific urban bloodbath.


His eyes just creeped me out!

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