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August 28, 2009



The scientology clip is insane. "why don't you do a locational on yourself and destimulate from your incident"


The suburban setting heightens the effect. “Sucking incidents” in East Grinstead just seems... wrong somehow.


The bomb shelter pics are great. Is this guy waiting for the rapture?


Shame the photographer sounds like a jerk: "when you think back to the illogic of the Bush/Cheney administration, and the world around you is so devolved, the idea of going underground doesn't seem so crazy."

sackcloth and ashes

A tune for Friday:



Funkalicious. Love the boots too. :)

Wm T Sherman

Well there's acute alcohol poisoning. Then, there's the longer term way to go. One day, you notice your urine is brown, or your excrement is black, or you start vomiting blood. I mean, talk about startling.

Wm T Sherman

If I had an underground bunker, I would keep it waxed and clean-smelling, and free of spiders and pill bugs. I would.

Spiny Norman

"jargon-heavy rant"

There was a video I once had bookmarked of black-suited microphone-wearing Scientologists who could best be described as an Angry Midget Security Detail (a couple of them were really, really short) trying to keep a cameraman away from some public recruiting fair they were staging (in LA?) and, aside from the "You can't be here. This is a private event. Yes, we know it's being held on a public street, but it's a closed, private event, so leave now", they kept going on about "enturbulation" as if it were something deadly serious.

I couldn't stop laughing.

James S

Anna: "Is this guy waiting for the rapture?"

"This 90-family 'co-op shelter' was for members of the Elizabeth Clare Prophet Church, which predicted Doomsday on March 15, 1990. That day, the shelter was full; everyone emerged on March 16th and went home."

So what do you do when the rapture doesn't turn up?


“This 90-family ‘co-op shelter’ was for members of the Elizabeth Clare Prophet Church, which predicted Doomsday on March 15, 1990. That day, the shelter was full; everyone emerged on March 16th and went home.”

Oh, to be a fly-on-the-wall that morning. Imagine the embarrassment. Actually, the Rapture brigade would make for an interesting reality TV show. “End of Days,” or “Bunker Buddies.” Someone phone Endemol.

James S

David, here's one you might like.



Oh wow. That’s… stunning. It’s the beer can nacelles that do it.

Andrea Harris

No Doctor Who on the time travel chart? Perhaps the Doctor is the chart.

Also -- wouldn't it be Gene Hunt who did the beatings, not Sam Tyler? I've only seen a couple of episodes of Life On Mars so I can't be sure.


Apparently, Doctor Who will at some point have its own chart.



According to the booze death calculator, I apparently died one night back in 1982...which might explain a few things...of course there seems to be a missing time parameter...


It says in 3 hours of drinking...

BTW I too am officially dead according to the site.

sackcloth and ashes

'Love the boots too. :)'

Got a pair just like them ...

Spiny Norman

Oh. My. God.

"It would take 22 Kamikazes to kill you!"

That is exactly the number I tried to drink on my 22nd birthday. Thankfully, I was still a bit of a lightweight then, and passed out after 14...

Oddly enough, I've never had another one in the 26 years since.

sackcloth and ashes

I did almost die doing the 'Dun Cow Challenge' in Durham back in 1994. Never again:

'A similar atmosphere, in a pub of slightly more cult status, can be found at the Dun Cow (named after the famous cow which decreed the siting of Durham itself) on Old Elvet. It's very small, so pay attention when looking for it. Again, it's an old-fashioned, smoky, cosy sort of place, boasting a champion selection of beers, but also the worst toilet facilities I have ever seen. If this doesn't put you off (and I hope it doesn't, because it's a lovely pub), you may wish to attempt the famous Dun Cow Challenge. This involves drinking a pint of every ale, in the order they are set along the pumps, in two hours (no vomiting, no eating). There are about twelve beers to get through but it's the combination that kills you - Guinness follows cider which follows bitter and so on. You may opt for the Dun Calf (halves) or the Dun Bull (all the way down the bar and then back again) to vary things. Please note: if there is someone else doing the challenge, especially if they look like a rugby team of some sort, you are in for a gaudy night.'


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