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The most common misconception people have when seeing these images is that they are brothels, but in order to rent a room you must come in as a couple. There are 30,000 to 40,000 love hotels in Japan and they are used by just about every sort of couple… Young unmarried couples who live with their families until they get married, married couples who may live in very tight quarters with family, couples in extramarital affairs, and prostitutes with their customers.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Misty Keasler, quoted above, has published a book of her photographs, Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan. Among her subjects is the Hotel Adonis, Osaka, which offers patrons a Naughty Nurse Play Area and a Hello Kitty S&M Room. 

Naughty_Nurse_Play_Area Hello_Kittty_S&M_Room Hello_Kittty_S&M_Room_2

Ms Keasler is interviewed here. Via Coudal.


James S

The really weird thing is the piano. Is it time for a pianist joke?


“The really weird thing is the piano.”

Yes, it’s an odd thing to find. There’s quite a bit of choice, though. Scenarios include pirates, igloos and rumbles in the jungle. There’s also a room with a fairground carousel. Though I think that one crosses the line.

“Is it time for a pianist joke?”

I very much doubt it.

Peter Risdon

“The really weird thing is the piano.”

I'm more anxious about whatever it is in the glass tank.

Karen M

It's a bondage Hello Kitty.


"I'm more anxious about whatever it is in the glass tank."

It's Japan. I've no doubt tentacles are involved...

phantom menace

Love hotels are a $40 billion a year industry…

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