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Friday Ephemera


James S

Brilliant. The shadow on the building behind him makes it look almost Cubist.

Jason Bontrager

Huh. Howdedodat?

Simen Thoresen

From some of his other pictures one would assume trickery. Or inertia.



Maybe he paid the models to fall flat on their faces just so he could get these in-between pictures.

These remind me of one of my favourite sculptures in Melbourne, the edge of a building that appears to have sunk at angles into the ground! Or possibly the entire city is at slightly wrong angles to the building. Anyway, I like the playful feeling of both that and these pictures too.


Sorry, here's the link. It's by an artist called Petrus Spronk and it's just outside the state library of Victoria, so you might be able to pull up a larger version with a quick google search.



Isn't this what happens just before you side step into another dimension?

Alvin Lucier

I think he has propped his models up on a stool or similar support, which he removes later in Photoshop

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