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September 29, 2009



There'll never be a better excuse to link to this.


"Be careful Mr President, I think he's drunk."


It does have two of my favourite lines of dialogue:

[President, trying to warn Soviet Premier of impending nuclear attack:] “Dmitri, I can’t hear too well. Do you suppose you could turn the music down just a little…?”

[President, on hearing Premier’s response:] “Well, how do you think *I* feel about it?”


First heard about this back in the 90's -- I think it was briefly mentioned in a Popular Science article on post-Soviet Russia. Which makes it all the more absurd that people in the intellgence community supposedly haven't heard of it.

My concern lately has been: how hard would it be to spoof the system into firing if you could smuggle a nuke into Moscow and set it off during a crisis (when they'd likely have it turned on and manned)? It would arguably be the most efficient way for al Qaeda to use a nuke if they got one, assuming they could pull it off. It sounds like it all comes down to who's manning the bunker at the time.

John D

"If it turned out to be geese, they could relax and Perimeter would stand down."

No! Perimeter want to live!

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