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October 10, 2009



That could be the best closing sentence of the week.

Karen M

"a woman who abandoned her own children to live in a separatist lesbian commune."

LOL. Bellos has done more to reinforce "sad old stereotypes" than anyone on Top Gear.

phantom menace

Which clip is she in?


“Which clip is she in?”

The charming Ms Bellos can be seen throughout the episode, but the relevant part is in clip 2 around 10:50: “The reason I left both my children was that boys weren’t allowed.” And apparently she had to put her politics first.


"There are only two people who are not white in that commercial… possibly 3, there's someone totally covered in a wet suit."

A contender for Classic Sentences from the Guardian?


The wet suit wasn't white. I suppose that's a start.


Is Linda Bellos this thorough when she's being paid as a "diversity consultant"?

sackcloth and ashes

'coming from a woman who abandoned her own children to live in a separatist lesbian commune'.

I she had been my mother I'd have been fucking grateful.

Bryan Peripherality

...has addressed issues of disability...

You're obviously not a native speaker of Guardianese.

...has addressed issues AROUND disability...

Better still:

...has engaged issues around disability in terms of its denormativization vis-a-vis hegemonies erected around notions of the "able-bodied"...

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