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Deserted Chernobyl. // The mummified Lenin. // 11-foot tapestry made entirely of spider silk. // Carl Sagan sings. (h/t, EQ-aliser) // A gallery of cork-lined soda caps. (h/t, Quipsologies) // Solid Potato Salad. // Promote yourself with tongue depressors. // A pretty impressive bookstore. // Banknotes. // The Blob (1958). // Project BLT. (h/t, Mr Eugenides) // Lichtzeichnungen. // The museum of DOS. (h/t, Coudal) // Remember Omni magazine? // The Prisoner returns. // How intermissions were. // Soundsculpture. // Made of wood. // Mechanical tumour feels your computer’s pain. // And, via The Thin Man, it’s Club Honolulu



So are they planning to reanimate Lenin at some later date?

Baltar's Beard

The Prisoner remake looks pretty good. Go Rover!

Brian H

The wood carvings are fantastic.


Okay, the Prisoner remake *looks* good but will it have trampoline fights?


Baltar's Beard



Hm. I’d somehow forgotten about Kosho.

carbon based lifeform

Mckellen and Caviezel. It's Magneto versus Jesus.


RE: Deserted Chenobyl Those pics have been used as concept art in so many computer games that I feel I've been there!

FallOut 3(Dolls),
Half-Life 2(Hospital),
Call of Duty 4 (The Fairground)

Wm T Sherman

I remember Omni magazine. My older brother bought it and kept it with his copies of Penthouse. I think it's one of the best-produced science fiction magazines ever published by a pornographer, including the parts that were supposed to be science fact. Excellent quality paper and ink. Even the staples were top notch. Mr. Guccione spared no expense, and was rewared with enormous losses when the magazine went under. My only quibble was, not enough titties.


"one of the best-produced science fiction magazines ever published by a pornographer"

They should have put that on the cover.


Wm T,

“Excellent quality paper and ink. Even the staples were top notch.”

I bought a few of the early issues when I was at school. I vaguely recall a mix of fiction, “speculative science” articles and lurid airbrush painting. What I remember most clearly though is how much the thing weighed. It was a pleasingly heavy purchase.

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