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October 15, 2009



I thought festival season was over…

Simen Thoresen

Wow. I'm amazed how little variation from the expected norm is required for human motions and facial expressions to be genuinely scary.

The probably-cute girl with the crossed eyes did it for me in a Ringu-like way...



Yes, and it’s got a bit of everything. Incongruous behaviour, a whimsical tone, a cute kid, and a set of vast and shuddering he-knockers.


It's the combination of he-knockers and flip-flops.

James S

That's lovely. What's the track?



The track is “Luv (sic), Part 2” by Nujabes featuring Shing02.



(If you have to ask for it, it’s pronounced “Noo-jah-behs.”)

James S

Thanks, David.


You want disturbing looking faces?

NSFW (due to the language) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P3Wc-37pC4

Go to 5mins in.



Eep. I’m guessing the video is by Chris Cunningham. It’s just a shame it looks better than it sounds. I never quite “got” Aphex Twin.

Chris S

After reading many works about the Cthulhu mythos one gets used to the idea of a shifting amorphious mass that both is and is not, and forgets that it's supposed to be horrifying. Thanks for reminding me that it truely is.

Those man-boobs really seemed to be both part of the man, and yet alive with their own purposes. :shudder:


If this post is meant to encourage fat-bashing, I'm disappointed in you, David.

If it wasn't, my apologies.

If it was, please do not reply that he deserved to be bashed because he chooses to be fat. Now, I wonder where I've heard that sort of "argument" before?



“If this post is meant to encourage fat-bashing, I’m disappointed in you, David.”

Why would you think the video, or subsequent comments, are “bashing” anyone? Who exactly is being “bashed” and how so? I think you may have misunderstood the spirit of the film, and its posting here.

“If it wasn’t, my apologies.”

Apologies accepted.


"please do not reply that he deserved to be bashed because he chooses to be fat. Now, I wonder where I've heard that sort of "argument" before?"

Presumptuous much, Emma?


Yes, I didn't mean to overreact. I saw David single out "the big chap" and then the nauseating comments about "he-knockers"...and I presumed.

I do apologize if I read it wrong.



“I saw David single out ‘the big chap’ and then the nauseating comments about ‘he-knockers’...

The “big chap” in question is, I think you’ll agree, a big chap. Insofar as he was “singled out,” as you put it, it was due to him being one of the more arresting sights in the film, along with the unspeakably cute child. Does this strike you as in any way unfair or malicious? Presumably, the big chap is a rikishi – a Sumo wrestler – and his “he-knockers” are indeed “vast and shuddering,” as is often the case. Noting such - which is hard to avoid, given their almost hypnotic impact – shouldn’t be construed as a “bashing” of him, let alone of all people with ample flesh.

If anything, the spirit of the film is affirming, in highlighting the peculiarities of all kinds of human bodies when moving with abandon.

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