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November 28, 2009


John D

The Fiat 500 is pretty cool.



The cars are great. I like the cardboard safe too...


That's not just any Aston Martin; note the machine guns under the headlights and the tire knife extending from the rear hub.

Wiki confirms the license plate, BMT216A, is one of the three plates that could be displayed.

Brian H

Marvellous. Is the cardboard glued onto a frame?


Apparently it’s all cardboard.


Somewhere between model making and sculpture.


Call me an artistic philistine, but the real thing is more beautiful than this simulacrum.



“...the real thing is more beautiful than this simulacrum.”

Yes, and the original has a more credible claim to being art. Gilmour’s work is impressive model making, certainly, and the example above is a cute homage; but it pales beside the creation of, say, the Bugatti Veyron.


And this a problem many artists now have. Commercial invention, at which we’re supposed to sniff, often – very often – leaves “pure” artists in the dust.

Simen Thoresen

AC1, David,

The art in this is more the use of an unexpected material than the creation itself, is it not? Thus, this 'art' is more about the artist, struggling with blunt tools and improper materials, than what it would mean for someone else who were to find and want it.

Sure, I'd like to have a crystal skull or a Mattel miniature space-shuttle just like the next guy, but I would not see them as art as such. To me, art should be separable from the artist - it should be something that transcends the artist and leaves a permanent impression. Not just a thing showing that the artist could make something clever.




“...it should be something that transcends the artist and leaves a permanent impression.”

Agreed. And it’s why many of “art” items mentioned here are also tagged “ephemera,” which often seems more accurate. They’re tagged as “art” largely because that’s how others refer to the objects in question. The things I feel have qualities that good art should have – a lingering aesthetic impression, a sense of wonderment – tend to be objects that would never appear in a gallery or be widely acknowledged as art. The Veyron, for instance, is an extraordinary achievement and seems to qualify, as does the Millau Viaduct.


Next up, a fully workable particle accelerator...

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