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November 09, 2009


Karen M

Worth watching again...



Thank God the Guardian is setting us straight.


Ah, a Morning Star contributor and colleague of the aforementioned bedlamite. Who would have guessed.



And what of China? In 1989 they crushed their velvet revolution, made a hybrid of capitalist economics & communist politics, & they now own most of America. Ideologically they seem like a variation of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore enforced by the Stasi. Internationally they support pretty much everyone who's a rogue: Kim Jong Il, Robert Mugabe & the Burmese Junta, plus they gave Pakistan the technology to make an atomic bomb. But they make absolutely everything we use & wear, & we can't do without them. We hope that mass consumerism, plus the cultural decadence that comes with affluence, will make their politics more plural. I don't really understand how that's supposed to work in practice. Here's hoping…



China owns little that is western instead they have a large IOU which will be printed away.

China was as mad accepting The West's credit, as the West was creating all that credit in the first place.

China isn't quite in the position they say they are...

Karen M

Neil Clark is getting misty for East Germany's "lack of neon and the refreshing absence of advertising". ("And not a McDonald's in sight".)




Heh. Bless his rotten little heart. You can practically hear the swooning: “Interesting, well-read and well-educated people who always looked you in the eye and didn’t want to cheat you.” Unlike filthy decadent Westerners, presumably. Mr Clark has never shied away from laying it on thickly, oblivious to decency, then smearing on some more. His is a world in which all socialist countries were “full of publicly owned self-service restaurants where ordinary people could eat good hearty fare at affordable prices in a communal atmosphere.” Not one in which the GDR’s national debt - and imminent socio-economic collapse - was a state secret.


Reagan in Berlin...


“Reagan in Berlin...”

A few years earlier there was a Heaven 17 song called “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang,” in which Reagan was described as a “fascist god in motion.” Even as a teenager, that seemed a little odd.


God that song was dumb.

Democrats are out of power
Across that great wide ocean
Reagan's president elect
Fascist god in motion
Generals tell him what to do
Stop your good time dancing
Train their guns on me and you
Fascist thang advancing

Yeah guys. Mainstream conservatives are the *real* fascists –much worse than Communists. [facepalm]



I think the key line is “train their guns on me and you.” It conveys the all-important narcissism to go with the displacement of hostility. (Presumably it was imagined that Reagan’s first act as president would be to outlaw synthpop.) On the upside, it did have the couplet, “Counterforce will do no good / Hot you ass I feel your power.” Which even today defies the understanding of our most brilliant scientists.

sackcloth and ashes

There is one difference between Nazism and Communism worth noting. It was possible (at least in the 1920s and 1930s) to be a Communist because of idealistic motives. In the context of the Great Depression/WWI/rise of Fascism and Nazism humane and decent individuals could be forgiven for seeing Communist ideology as the key to a future without war, poverty and exploitation.

Of course, that doesn't justify subsequent (post-Stalinist) apologias from c*nts like Neil Clark.



sackcloth and ashes

I had never actually listened to that 'Heaven 17' song before I saw this thread, so I went on Youtube to have a listen.

It is utter shit.

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