A Versatile Material

Hug Your Inner Organ

With Christmas in mind, Anna directs us to Vulva Love Lovely, foremost retailers of “handmade feminist love.”  

We make many different types of feminist body positive products: beautiful, hand sculpted vagina pendants, uterus plushies, vulva portraits, vagina pillows, and reusable cloth menstrual pads.

Sadly, the graphic nature of certain “body positive” items prevents their display here. This is, I maintain, a classy joint and the swooning couch is still in storage. However, I can draw your attention to the impressive range of uterus plushies, lovingly detailed with smiles, ovaries and facial hair. Behold, for instance, the Frida Kahlo Uterus Plushie, which features an imposing mono-brow and “an unyielding creative presence.” As you can see, it’s a celebration of womanhood:  


Alternatively, embrace the fulsome Utera Maxima, which “makes a great cuddle buddy” and boasts a wingspan of 69 inches. 


Readers may also thrill to the prospect of a purple satin vagina pillow, complete with clitoris, glass beads and 4 inch vaginal canal.

Order now to avoid disappointment.