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Friday Ephemera

Because you will at some point need a briefcase full of sausage. // The Möbius bagel. // The LED menorah. // 10 long tracking shots. // On comic book colouring. // “I’ve successfully privatised world peace.” // Demon lamp. // Local globes. // World toilet info. // At last, a pram with firepower. // Artificial eyes. // Change blindness. // Jellyfish. // Snowflakes. // Alice. // The Uppsala Analogue Synthesizer Orchestra. // A brief history of video games. // The golden age of board games. // A scale model of the solar system. It’s over half a mile wide, so some scrolling is involved.



I hope the briefcase is refrigerated.

Mr Eugenides

Having just discovered that Gauntlet is now a quarter of a century old, I am going to crawl off and have a quiet sob somewhere.

carbon based lifeform

Love the Iron Man 2 trailer. An army of iron men? Plus... Garry Shandling!


“I hope the briefcase is refrigerated.”

Sadly, it doesn’t say, and a lack of refrigeration could limit the Wurstkoffer’s usefulness in a meat-related emergency.


In the IM2 trailer, who's the curly-haired brunette hottie in the pants suit with the impressive shoulder throw? Agent of SHIELD? (About 1:37 or so.)


That would be the Black Widow.



Scarlett Johansson. You can't say that I don't have a good eye.


I like the glass eye photos.

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