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January 08, 2010



Do I tattoo my eyes before the job interview or after?

carbon based lifeform

"Before you can fight crime you must first make a costume."

That's one obsessed Iron Man fan. Impressive suit though.


If you think about what’s involved in making the suit from scratch – with motorised hinges and functional lights – it’s quite a feat.

Spiny Norman

That photo of the Flatiron Building is simply wonderful. Note that the is only one automobile in there (lower right). In the upper left, there appears a boy shoveling horse manure from the street...

R. Sherman

From the Live Science article on male/female arousal, to be placed in "The Wonders of Science" file:

"Men who reported feeling turned on tended to also sport an erection . . ."

Frankly, I would've thought the probability of a correlation between those two events would be 100%.

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