Earthquake Machines

Friday Ephemera

Meat hand. // Double jeopardy. // Cute things falling asleep. // First, position your molecules. // Photo manipulation of yore. // Murphy’s Law calculator. // Places you cannot go. // A pleasing sofa. // Thumbthing. // I’d like my ice in a sphere, please. // At last, a space cannon. // Professor Alexander’s botanical vasculum. // Blown metal. // Build your own working phaser. // Shatner meets Winkler, feelings ensue. // A radical breakthrough in the world of rock. // Tourism in Croatia. // Power plant time lapse. // Japanese jetpack.



Thumbthing is a good idea but meat hand is a great idea. Best use of melted cheese ever. :)


Here's one. Ninjas on roller skates.


“Ninjas on roller skates.”

Blimey. You could really do some damage with direction like that.


This weekend I'm making a meat hand. The kids will love it.


I want a working phaser. In case I get attacked by balloons.

Spiny Norman

"Photoshop before there were computers: "The Art of Retouching and Improving Negatives and Prints""

Oh, yes. That's what my single-parent artist grandmother did to pay the rent back in the 1940s and '50s. Long hours for little pay, but she was very good at it.


I set the Murphy's law calculator to my estimation of 'have a wank', and it told me "You are bound to screw up at least once ! Call in a professional !". Damn it!

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