Lovely Eyes, and So Many of Them
The Random Shatner

Friday Ephemera

Owls in flight. // Cheese or font? A game for all the family. // Fabric in a can. // Shockwave cannon. // The Hulc exoskeleton. // Steampunk Gameboy. // The clever bottlenose. // Bear versus cat. // Mouse versus leopard. // Nun versus shark. // On the Sherlock Holmes title sequence. // Little Italy, circa 1900. // Bacon beer. (h/t, Mr Eugenides) // Brain slug cupcakes. // Tibetan sky burials. (h/t, MeFi) // A tree house for the kids. // The redefinition of greed. // The mysteries of pinball. // Utah panoramas. // Porn for the blind. (audio nsfw)