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Friday Ephemera

Spork. (nsfw) // Asteroids and diplomacy. // Dolphin boats. // A breakthrough in gingerbread. // Fly pepper. // What gulls will eat. // Grow mushrooms at home. // Dental tattoos. // Space as seen on television. // Planets forming in the Orion Nebula. // The Known Universe. // Kraftwerk live in Buenos Aires, 1998. // DJ desks. // A fondness for drum machines. // Nuclear reactor wall charts. // Original Alien script, formerly titled Starbeast. // Last suppers. // Toys of extinct animals. // The art of green screen. // To be or not to be. (h/t, Anna)


carbon based lifeform

The David Letterman tooth tattoo is pure chick bait. :)

Happy new year David.

Baltar's Beard

Spork is very funny.

Re asteroids and diplomacy...

"It's not clear how, exactly, the Russians plan to deflect Apophis, a chunk of rock the size of two and a half soccer fields that was first discovered by astronomers in 2004. Anatoly Perminov, the space agency head, promised that there would be "no nuclear explosions" and that everything would be done "on the basis of the laws of physics."

Simen Thoresen

No discussion about Trek slash-fiction can be complete (or even attempted) without a reference to the NIN-video;

There is also a myth about a high-resolution, non-crappy version of this video existing on a hard-drive somewhere. Unearthing this might be one of the greater finds in post 2000 internet archeology.



I suppose this is as good a time as any to resurrect Stephen Fry’s reading of Harry Potter...

Tom Freeman

David, you might enjoy (if that's the word) this article by Costas Douzinas:

It's a splendid piece of Guardian cliche bingo - "hegemonic power", "neoliberal idolatry" and so on - but my favourite sentence is this one:

"The return of history means that we can believe again in radical change even if we do not know when or how it will happen."


David, some green screen grandmas -

Spork and Harry Potter helped my hangover.



Thanks for that. It’s so densely tendentious and unmoored from reality it’s part profession of faith and part... jazz poetry.



Imagine the complete set.


"I suppose this is as good a time as any to resurrect Stephen Fry's reading of Harry Potter..."

Thank you. So much. :)


Well, now I've seen the dolphin boats, I know what to put on next year's Christmas list!



They are rather nifty. I’m ordering six for the Guild of Evil™.


Good choice! Hopefully, one of the dealer options will be frikkin' laser beams on their heads...


I got five bucks that says as soon as globalistic warmering has run its course, asteroids will be the next doomsday mechanism to suck the life blood out of our economies. Of course they lack the vainglorious guilt factor but perhaps that vacuum can be filled by some right-wing lunacy to be named later. The ying and the yang and all that...


The green screen video is surprising. I had no idea how 'virtual' shows like Ugly Betty are. Does *anyone* shoot outdoors any more?


Yes, it’s striking just how widespread and routine the technology is, especially in shows and scenes that don’t instantly call to mind the letters C, G and I. There’s more on the ‘virtual backlot’ here:


Thanks David.

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