Friday Ephemera
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Wow. It's raining light.

Jason Bontrager

Magnificent images. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to incorporate some of them into my Bishop Ring ( when I get around to building it:-)


I would just like to point out that three of those photos -- Horseshoe bend, National Parks, and Glen Canyon Revealed -- were shot in my home state of Utah. And that Crater Lake, Yosemite, and Nature (Havasu falls at the Grand Canyon) are a within a day's drive.

The American West. Best scenery on the planet.


It's absolutely beautiful, but if you stare at it for too long, it seems to move.

Oh, and you'll feel an urge to run to the loo!


“...if you stare at it for too long, it seems to move.”

I must fix the lock on the liquor cabinet.


That'd probably help with the loo bit too! ;)


Well, it is beautiful, but are you sure it isn't photo-shopped. A little Disneyfied, if you ask me.




"A little Disneyfied, if you ask me."

Time-lapsed, a bit, which makes the waterfall look ethereal. Might be some color filters, too.

Nahanni Watershed

Well, it is beautiful, Hope this is not photo-shopped...

David Gillies

They're VERY Photoshopped (NTTAWWT). The super-saturated colours are a dead give-away that many of these images have been post-processed using High Dynamic Range Imaging:

It's a good technique, but can it can look a bit 'hyper-real' if over-applied.


I think all photos get processed in some manner. This is just amazing to me, no matter how it was made.

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