Projection Indeed
Is That Your Hand In My Pocket?

Friday Ephemera

Live holographic heads. // Car horns of yore. // The teenager tone. // The $1,000,000 comic book. // A game about robots. // At last, a cocktail robot. // Robot solves Rubik’s cube in under 12 seconds. (h/t, Evan) // Wi-fi drone controlled by your phone. // A war of paper toys is bound to escalate. // Atomic orbitals, or where electrons are likely to be. // Aerial photography by Kacper Kowalski. // The Clavilux 2000 visualises music. // Underground water network in Kasukabe City. (h/t, MeFi) // Noteworthy vases. // Eye-catching trousers. // Wooden clocks. // How to order beer in 50 languages. // “Don’t worry, dad.”