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John D

I do want one, badly. :)


The acceleration in 'elevator mode' is incredible. If it didn't make so much noise it would be perfect for surveillance (and assassination). Yes I want one.


That has crazy acceleration! Do something about the noise and it would be a great toy for the military.


The boys in the lab are working on an upgrade for the Guild of Evil™. It won’t sound like a balloon full of angry bees and it will have lava cannons and a shrinking ray.


I want a decacopter.

carbon based lifeform

Very cool. Can I have one with a lava cannon?


"It won't sound like a balloon full of angry bees"

I thought you'd want one that sounds exactly like that, only louder.


Exactly Anna. Now imagine a couple of dozen of them (with previously mentioned lava cannons) chasing someone :D .


Okay, okay. I’ve instructed the lab boys to make one that sounds like a huge, amplified bouncy castle full of angry bees. The rumble alone should induce mass perspiration within a 5 kilometre radius. Did I mention the lava will be radioactive?


"a huge, amplified bouncy castle full of angry bees."

I want to see that. I really do.

Jason Bontrager

Looks like an early ancestor of the SHIELD Heli-Carrier ( ).

I wonder if a scaled up version could fulfill the mission requirements of the V-22 Osprey ( )...


Dear Santa,

I've been a really good boy this year and I just saw something really cool on the Internet...


I don't suppose anyone has a rough idea for the cost of goods on one of these?


I must use it to destroy the known universe. Mein Gott....

Dave H.

€1100-1500 for the kit, depending on model. I imagine there'd be quite a lot of soldering! They're based in NW Germany.

I wonder what the endurance is (Li-polymer battery).

Sadly, even though my birthday's coming up, I don't think I'll be getting one.


The Hexakopter will fly for 35 minutes on a 5000mah 4cell Lipo.

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