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March 23, 2010



They were obviously quite evenly matched.

John D

Didn't anyone think it was a bit strange that a holy man was willing to kill someone on TV?

Ted S., Catskills, NY

I'm reminded of Uri Geller's appearance on "The Tonight Show"


Johnny Carson had done some work as a magician in his younger days, and so knew all the tricks charlatans like Geller might use -- and wouldn't let Geller use them on his stage.


'Didn't anyone think it was a bit strange that a holy man was willing to kill someone on TV?'

These days? Sadly, no...

Chris S

Pah, I can kill a man with my mystical powers too. Well it's not so much that I *kill* them with the powers, I just bludgeon them with a stick, it's rather that I destroy their soul afterwards as it escapes. You just can't really see that part on TV, so you'll just have to take my word for it.


You cynics!

The spell doesn't work instantly. He'll be dead before 50 years have gone by.


I have super intellectual powers too. I can imagine New Labour under Brown proving to be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Um... on second thoughts...


Steve's picking up signals from a parallel universe.


Speaking of y'alls upcoming election, if any of you aren't planning to vote, can you give your vote to me? i.e: http://blog.talkingphilosophy.com/?p=1689



Heh. As someone points out in the TP comments, “people who don’t vote are even less likely to vote on behalf of someone else.” (And I suspect a significant part of the electorate is more motivated to vote a party or leader out, rather than in, which may have some bearing on turnouts generally). Then there’s the likelihood of candidates overseas being more easily construed in cartoonish, perhaps misleading, ways (think Bush as depicted by the Guardian’s Steve Bell, or Chavez as imagined by the Islington left). Another commenter notes, “what guarantee do I have as an agnostic/atheist Afghani that you will cast my vote for the Tory of my choice?”

Which for some reason made me smile.


Yeah, that was me. I post from several different browsers on several different machines and I still had my old/new (KRW/WTP) handles on this one...Changed ID's when I started my Sherman's Cowlick blog.

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