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Friday Ephemera

Bollywood, where anything is possible. // The skies of Dubai. // Dung shoes. // Jonathan Miller’s A Rough History of Disbelief. Parts 23. // Retro-futuristic garbage collection. (h/t, Coudal) // 1970 World’s Fair, Osaka. // Paris, gigapixelled. // The GigaPan Epic Pro. // “Gameplay continues until orgasm is achieved.” (nsfw) // “After hundreds of drinks of the radium tonic, he began having pains in his jaw.” // When the light is just so. // Steampunk lamps. // The periodic table of sci-fi film and television. // Vintage Trek photostream. // Edison’s silent Frankenstein, 1910. // Kim Jong-Il has a Plan B. // Zebra cleans hippo’s teeth



"The Joydick is a wearable haptic device for controlling video gameplay based on realtime male masturbation. Through the use of a carefully designed strap-on interface, the user's penis is converted into a joystick capable of moving the character onscreen in all four cardinal directions. For games requiring the fire button, a separate ring can be worn which converts hand-strokes into button presses."

Teenage boys will never leave their bedrooms again. Even for food.


Oh god it comes with instructions to build your own.
"Play Atari with yourself and friends in the manner that you always dreamed of"

And friends?


“And friends?”

Close friends, presumably. Makes you wonder how *that* conversation gets started. “What do you fancy doing tonight? Oh, I know...”

I’m not entirely convinced by the premise of the thing, i.e., “the tension that builds during gameplay and the release achieved through victory are similar to the events leading up and through a sexual orgasm.” Much as I like Tetris, I don’t find it remotely erotic. I imagine it could all get a bit distracting and comical.

Still, the tissue dispenser is a nice touch.

carbon based lifeform

Bollywood has blown my mind.


“Bollywood has blown my mind.”

It is quite stunning. One of the (many) highlights is around 2 minutes in, when our hero, still mounted on a horse, slides under a truck sideways. The director seems to have discovered a whole new field of physics.


"around 2 minutes"? Seriously, if what happened at about 1:36 didn't get your attention, the joystick link is irrelevant. Unless there's a whole new field of biology...otoh, given the haircut perhaps I don't know enough of the storyline...


So he unseats two mounted policemen by slamming his crotch into a lamppost. You make it sound implausible.

Karen M

LOL I need to know what film that is.


It’s “Alluda Majaka” (or “Alluda Mazaaka...!”), an “action-drama-musical” starring the megastar Chiranjeevi and directed by E.V.V. Satyanarayana. Released in 1995.


The film also has a fight scene involving martial arts and tractors.


Karen M

His tractor flies!!!

Best. Film. Ever. :D

sackcloth and ashes

Why can't I see films like this in my local multiplex?


The Paris panorama is amazing.

Spiny Norman

Isn't it?

What are all those (thousands and thousands of them) little red clay pot things on the roofs? Chimneys? For what? Don't Paris apartments have gas furnaces now?

Rich Rostrom

The lamps aren't "steampunk". The designs invoke the style and technology of early 20th century electrical technology, not 19th century steam. Call it electropunk, I think.

Why am I not surprised that the shoes are the work of Chris Ofili?


I just found the panorama's ZOOM button. Wow!


"Why am I not surprised that the shoes are the work of Chris Ofili?"

They're by some dick called INSA.

"To produce the shoes INSA retraced the footsteps Chris Ofili made over fifteen years ago and sourced dung from the same family of elephants that produced the dung used in Chris's iconic paintings."


They're still shit though. Thanks Tate Britain.


That Jonathan Miller series is ....well, just another atheist wank, really, which is a shame since he's otherwise quite good. He skates over Islam, natch, glides right by the USSR, the world's only experiment in a deliberate godless society, natch and ends with a bitch about Bush and Israel. Honestly, aren't atheists just basically a joke? Or at least English atheists are. They are so cookie cutter. Older gents think they're cleverer than everyone else and who really rooly like Chalres Darwin. They're like gamers - or asberger kiddies. It's almost mean watching them spout their empty philosophy. Seriously, if you can't bring yourself to believe in God or in any kind of God at all anywhere in the world, wouldn't it be the smart bet to just say you're agnostic and not spit quite so much at your fellow man? Whatever.

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