More Than You Can Chew
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Friday Ephemera

The Tail Gunner and Catzilla: King of the Monsters. // Dog washing machine also works on cats. // A horse and a man, rotated in 4 dimensions. // How to make a three-pendulum rotary harmonograph. // Radio dials of yore. // An LED Mohawk helmet. // Mexico’s home for elderly prostitutes. // Young me / now me. (h/t, MeFi) // A gallery of misplaced manhole covers. // Cancer versus nanobots. // Remember cassettes? // Navigate house and techno. // The art of UFO. // Father Ted in Lego, in Gaelic. // Robot fish. // Plankton. // A brief history of the paperclip. // The perils of AutoSmiley. // And some table magic from China.