Reheated (7)

Friday Ephemera

Yes, it’s a jetpack, but could you make it smaller? // The tin foil aesthetic. // Feeder. // Dentistry of yore. // Magical Japanese toilet flushes away unhappiness. (h/t, Metrolander) // Tokyo/Glow. // A swarm of light. // Lightbotz. // Alice in Wonderland. (1903) // Horrible dragon threatens Council Worker Fantasy Land. // There are 50,000 rockets headed this way. // A day in the life of London Transport, 1962. // Someone shrank New York. // Horses made of junk. // Interact with zombies. // Play pinball with your mind. // More volcanic lightning. // Vinyl grooves. // The hazards of going to warp. // Rhombidodecadodecahedron.



"Helen Archer, a gay and bisexual outreach princess from Doncaster, said: "Good sir, I am most terribly afraid the great dragon will use his massive talons to claw at my seven weeks of enchanted holiday entitlement and force me to justify my magical existence. "Forsooth I shall have to leave this realm and travel beyond the chestnut wood and the babbling brook and end up working for Carphone Warehouse.""



"Yes, it's a jetpack, but could you make it smaller?"

It's a bit noisy too...


No, it’s not what you’d call a stealth technology.


I wouldn't mind hiring it for an hour though.

Jason Bontrager

I'll stick with the Williams X-Jet for my personal flight needs (or I would if I had one).

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