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March 11, 2010



""They are ridiculous." Perhaps some T-shirts could be made."

I'll take a dozen.


"We’ve had the Soviet experiment. We’ll get it right next time"

And the French experiment, and the Chinese experiment, and the East German experiment, and the Polish experiment, and the Romanian experiment, and the Vietnamese experiment, and the Cambodian experiment, and the Cuban experiment, and the Venezuelan experiment, .... politeness forbids a full list.

That's not to mention the dozens of utopian communities from New Harmony to Jonestown


"After all, people who wear "Che" t-shirts and peddle communist claptrap presumably imagine they're signalling how daring they are, righteous even. Yet it seems to me they may as well be walking around with a big notice saying, "If I had my way I'd control you and ruin the lives of everyone you care about." Though stated in those terms it could lead to an occasional thumping."

Sounds like social justice to me.

Chris S

The thing about Che is that it's not so much the "I’d control you and ruin the lives of everyone you care about". It's the "I'd happily kill children who disagree with me" and "I'll murder your family/entire village".

The part that I find hilarious is the artistic types who sport his face. Che specifically and pointedly killed artists and musicians as they had no place in his new utopia.

A few notes from people who he didn't kill:


The irony of musicians and actors thinking of Guevara as hip is touched on in Ted Balaker’s short film:


Spiny Norman

"After all, people who wear "Che" t-shirts and peddle communist claptrap presumably imagine they're signalling how daring they are, righteous even."

I have to wonder if Carlos Santana will be so "edgy and hip" and wear that Che t-shirt the next time he has a gig in Miami...

A Che Guevara t-shirt I have:


Spiny Norman

The finest image made of Ernesto "Che" Guevara:


An "improved" version:



It’s the sheer cretiny of the “21st Century Socialism” website fawning over Castro’s chief executioner as “an icon, a means of identifying with the anti-establishment, a unique mix of the revolutionary ideals and pop star celebrity.”


Perhaps their suitably cretinous readers imagine Guevara marching and dancing with them, at least in spirit, on their next “anti-establishment” jamboree. I doubt they picture Guevara’s men hauling them off to prison to disappear mysteriously.




Now THAT's fashion. ;)


I was hoping that there was a Friedrich von Hayek t-shirt out there. There is:



A handsome garment. And it has the added advantage that, to the best of my knowledge, Hayek didn’t murder people because he was bored.


And then there's the meta option:




For friday! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/7421926/Jan-Vormann-travels-the-world-repairing-crumbling-monuments-with-Lego.html


I like Bureau Crash's work:


Simen Thoresen


The Mises-institute also has T-Shirts with Hayek (and the other guys);

The shirts themselves are very good.
Today will be a Rothbard-day.

 a reader

Thank you for posting a link to the www.21stcenturysocialism.com website. It's a really excellent source of information and analysis.

Thomas Ryan

“We’ve had the Soviet experiment. We’ll get it right next time.” Daoud Hamdani

I wonder if Mr. Hamdani has a rough estimate of how many people will need to be killed in order to "get it right the next time."

Spiny Norman

In "Prairie Fire", Barack Obama's friends and political mentors Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn estimated about 25 million "diehard capitalists". But that's just in the USA, so we should probably consider that only a starting point.


Haven't you noticed that socialism is sneaking up on you then? We haven't had executions yet, but they will come.

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